About Us

In 1889, the Vincent Schuler family embarked on a tireless endeavor to pursue the American dream by founding Schuler Shoes. As one store grew to many, one man's dream became an undertaking across four generations to properly fit comfortably stylish footwear to the right person. Today, the Schuler community works just like your most reliable pair, always there to fit your sole.

We believe that the right shoe fit can lead to a healthier, more joyful life. We staff our stores with knowledgeable consultants who identify your unique needs and lead you to the best footwear for comfort, day in and day out.

We promise to bring joy by fitting you with comfortable stylish footwear.

Not much has changed; you'll only see improvements. If you have never been to a store, you might be pleasantly surprised after you spend a moment sitting in one of our chairs and getting fit.

We invite you to relax while we fit your soles. We invite you to find a little moment of joy for your feet and yourself.


Comfort: Knowing you can have footwear you feel good about because they fit both your sense of style and your feet makes us feel good too. Be kind to your feet; we are.

Authentic style: With everything trendy and black being the new black, we have found it better to focus on a balance of comfort with style. We've discovered that footwear honestly balancing these two feels both traditional and current.

Patience: When you come sit in our store, we focus on you. We listen. We show you how comfortable footwear should feel on your feet.

Balance: It is good judgment to find the right balance between fit and style. We have found our customers find greater joy in being sensibly comfortable and comfortably stylish in their footwear decisions.

Neighborly: We've been fitting you and your neighbor's soles for 125 years. In fact, we are your neighbors and we'll treat you with the same kind of trust and respect that you'd hope for in one. If you've never been in, ask your neighbor.