• Can Sports and Activity Related Injuries be Prevented?

      Guest blogger, Dr. Paul Langer of Twin Cities Orthopedics, discusses injuries, prevention, and offers an invitation to attend a TRI and RUN Seminar Series at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Edina clinic location starting Thursday, April 24th.

      Dr. Langer  


      A big question in sports medicine is how can we help athletes prevent injuries before they happen.  It sounds like it would be relatively simple to identify the most common causes of injuries and educate athletes on them and then offer suggestions that are easily implemented.  But, the reality is that there are so many different types of injuries and many variables in terms of what may contribute to an injury.   To complicate it further, athletes are highly unique from person to person, so what may cause a certain injury in one person may not have the same causative factors in another.  For example, a walker who lives in a hilly area but has normal strength and flexibility may develop Achilles tendonitis because of the higher loading of walking up hills daily.  Another individual may develop Achilles tendonitis because they lack proper ankle range of motion and/or switched to a shoe that increased the strain on the Achilles tendon.

      We do know that most injuries are caused by one or a combination of the following: training errors, previous or other existing injury, poor biomechanics/functional instability and improper footwear or sports equipment.  There is some excellent research that shows balance training and core strength can reduce incidences of knee and ankle injuries in those who play ball sports. Other studies are starting to show that diversifying fitness activities and addressing faulty movement patterns can reduce injury in walkers, runners and triathletes.  Because each individual is so unique, assessing their reasons for injury is often like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

      To help individuals understand these pieces of the injury puzzle better and what they can do to minimize the risk of injury, the physicians and physical therapists at Twin Cities Orthopedics will be offering free monthly seminars on running and triathlon injuries at their clinic in Edina through the spring and summer, starting April 24th.  Click here for more details.

      About Dr. Langer...

      Paul R. Langer, DPM of Twin Cities Orthopedics is a board certified podiatrist, who specializes in sports medicine, foot disorders, biomechanics, surgery and diabetic foot care. He has lectured at and served on the medical staff of international athletic events including the Boston Marathon and China’s Gobi March. He is a clinical advisor for the American Running Association, and an associate of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He is the author of Great Feet for Life: Footcare and Footwear for Healthy Aging and has contributed to three other medical texts.

      Dr. Langer is an avid runner and triathlete and has completed more than 25 marathons and an Ironman triathlon.  


    • Happy Earth Day!

      Happy Earth Day!  Did you know that the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970?  That's 43 years of all kinds of earth loving people coming together to celebrate, protect and improve our earth.  In fact, the first Earth Day is widely recognized as the inspiration to launching the environmental movement.

      While, I do understand the importance of Earth Day and the continued work to improve and protect our earth and the environment, I also think it is appropriate to recognize the good deeds that happen each and everyday.  Most of them, I am sure are inspired by the efforts of Earth Day with a commitment to working year round.  I am touched and amazed by the people, our partners who work on a daily basis to make a difference in our world.

      Today, I would like to dedicate our blog to our some of our brands that give on a daily basis, whether with time, money, volunteer efforts and more, to do good for the sake of the earth and the people sharing our earth.  Thank you to all of you!


      Clarks believes that making great footwear is only one part of their job.  At Clarks, they are committed to staying active and making a difference in local communities and our worldwide community.  Clarks continues to make a difference through the Clarks Companies Foundation (helping young people achieve their academic goals by providing scholarships), supporting Triangle, Inc. (helping people with disabilities gain greater dignity, independence and economic self-sufficiency), Clarks First Step Program (provides six-month paid internships to people with disabilities in their supportive work environment), The Two/Ten Foundation (provides more than $1.6 million in funds and services to the footwear community), Soul of Africa Program (founded by Lance Clark to help South African Villagers affected by AIDS, and Miraclefeet (supports local health practitioners in their treatment of clubfoot).  For more information on Clarks and their Community, please visit


      Launched in 2003, the Dansko Foundation seeks to inspire, support and facilitate charitable giving and service projects by Dansko employees to qualifying organizations that demonstrate a benefit for humankind. To date, the Foundation has provided over half a million dollars to more than 80 not-for-profit organizations in and around the Delaware Valley area.  This funding has helped provide meals, shelter, clothing, household goods and animal rescue services as well as educational, therapeutic and recreational programs for children and adults. Additionally, employees are able to double the value of their charitable donations through the Foundation’s matching grants program.


      With the success of the Keen brand and the ability to give back, Keen proudly partners with non-profit organizations across the globe that are working toward building stronger communities and a healthier planet, since their start in 2003.  A few examples of these efforts include donating 3,000 pairs of shoes to relief efforts in the Philippines, granting a total of $100,000 to 25 non-profits through the Keen Effect, and supporting 14 river clean-ups around the country this spring (one in Northfield). For more information on the Keen Effect or Keen's commitment to a healthier planet, visit or


      Pikolinos is not only committed to the environment with the materials used and the process to make their shoes, but also to communities around the world through the Juan Perán Pikolinos Foundation. This foundation was set up by Pikolinos President Juan Perán Pikolinos in 2007 'to give back to society some of what society has given to me'.  More that 16,000 families in Spain, Peru, Guinea-Bissua, Kenya and more have benefited and wonderful endeavors such as The Maasai Project have been created through this foundation.  For more information on the Juan Perán Pikolinos Foundation, the Maasai Project or information on materials and processes used in making their shoes, please visit


      Since 2007, Ahnu has raised over $250,000 for organizations such as the Wilderness Land Trust (investing resources to protect and preserve the wilderness for now and for future generations) and the Breast Cancer Fund (an effort to determine root environmental causes of breast cancer and work toward the elimination of toxins in order to prevent breast cancer).  As a natural next step in their philanthropic efforts, Ahnu Footwear announced in February of 2014, that it was partnering with 1% for the Planet, and pledges to donate 1% of annual sales to support approved non-profit organizations in the network. For more information about all of Ahnu's charitable efforts and The Greater Good, please click here


      Since 2010, ReChaco has saved 56,000 pairs of sandals from landfills. That’s around 106,000 pounds!  They have been making long-lasting footwear for 25 years now; but in those rare instances when your sandals just can't take another step because they've been ripped, chewed, torn, or just worn down, let ReChaco take over. Based in Rockford, Michigan, the ReChaco team can resole outsoles, replace webbing and buckles,  even lengthen or shorten straps. Learn more about our ReChaco program here: "

      Kalso Earth

      Many of the Kalso Earth shoes feature eco-friendly elements such as water-based glues, recycled cardboard midsoles, and footbeds made from various recycled materials such as soad bottles or PU foam.  Kalso was opened on the first-ever Earth Day and "Kalso Shoes" was immediately coined "Kalso Earth Shoes".

      Earth Footwear

      The focus of the Earth Footwear brand is about making greener choices and a living an earth friendly lifestyle by eating local and fresh, getting involved in the community and making better buying decisions.  All Earth Footwear shoes are made from water-based glues, which is less polluting to the water and air.

      We are so happy to report that these are just a few of our brands and partners that give back on a daily basis.  Look for future blog posts that highlight more brands, more goodness and efforts to make this a better world.

      Happy Earth Day and Happy Every Day!

    • Springing Forward... in the Right Shoes

      As a runner, the spring thaw is one of my favorite things in life.  Although, I do run outside most of the winter (depending on if my running path is plowed or not), I love when the snow melts for good and I can run, snowdrift free through the streets, sidewalks and paths of town.

      After a long winter, it feels great to get outside and move around.  For many, it marks the beginning of training for the upcoming race season or a dedication to meet a new goal.  Whether it is the first time you are hitting the streets to become the runner you have always dreamed of or you have been running for years, make sure to be good to your feet.  Your feet are the foundation to your entire body and can make or break the success of your journey.

      For this week's blog, I spoke with James Klersy, Manager of our New Balance Twin Cities store in the Southtown Mall in Bloomington.  James answered questions to important topics regarding foot health and proper footwear. Continue reading

    • When to Use Ice and When to Use Heat

      This week's post comes from guest blogger Dr. Karlynn Benson, who owns and operates Skyline Chiropractic in Burnsville, MN.  I love this topic, as I can never remember when to use ice or heat.  I am a runner, who always seems to have a sore muscle or two.

      from Dr. Benson...

      Anyone who has ever worked-out, trained, experienced an injury or had sore muscles has wondered if they should use an ice pack or a heating pad. Unfortunately, many of my chiropractic patients ask this question after they have done the wrong one.

      The ice pack, or cold therapy, works best for areas that are inflamed (making the area red), swollen or painful. You should never apply ice directly to the skin. Using a thin towel between the ice and skin, apply the treatment for 15-20 minutes. Allow the skin to warm fro at least 40 minutes, and then repeat two or three times per day. For acute injuries, this can be repeated for up to three days.

      The heating pad is best for muscle spasms, stiff or achy muscles or chronic issues. Because heat increases circulation, it can increase inflammation or swelling. Warm, not hot is the goal, so don’t apply a heating pad directly on the skin. It is best to limit treatments to 20 minutes. Just like with ice, wait 40 minutes to apply again.

      Heating pads are dry heat. Wet heat, like steamed towels, whirlpools and baths are best. Heat producing lotions, like Biofreeze, work well for sore spots.

      Bottom line: Ice is best for pain, inflamed (redness) or swelling. Heat works best for chronic pain, spasms or sore muscles. Your chiropractor can advise you on the best treatment for you.

      Dr. Karlynn Benson owns and operates Skyline Chiropractic in Burnsville, MN since 1995 with husband David Yearling,D.C. She attended and graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1992. Appointed to teaching faculty at Northwestern Health Science University in 1995. Along with lecturing and consulting on lifestyle and weight loss, in 2006 she was recognized and awarded as being one of the best chiropractors in Guide To America's TopChiropractors.

    • Fresh for Spring - Schuler Shoes St Louis Park Store

      When I think of "fresh for spring", I think of new beginnings, bold colors and new looks for the season. With that being said, it makes perfect sense to introduce the new look of our St Louis Park store in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center. Schuler Shoes has been located in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center since the 1960's!!! Can you believe that? That is a long time! So, we are pretty excited to say that we recently got a bit of a facelift. This location even has a Men's Department now! Don't, fresh look...same great customer service!

      I visited the store on Monday to see how it looks and thought it would be fun to take some photos and share them with you. (photos below) :).

      Don't worry, the fun doesn't stop there. Today through Sunday, we will be celebrating a GRAND RE-OPENING of our store (April 3rd-6th). We will have giveaways and rep visits and more. For more information on our GRAND RE-OPENING, click here -

      Hope you enjoy the photos!

      The new logo is already up and looking good. 



      This is our store manager, Jim. He is a great guy!


      Some photos of inside store..






      Our New Men's Department




      Here is an action shot! :)



      Stop in and visit us soon!

    • Shoes News - Shoes for Spring

      After a very, very long winter, it feels so good to see the snow start to melt. I have always thought that summer is my favorite season, but today I started thinking that maybe my favorite season is actually spring. The snow is melting, the days are getting longer and even the slightest spike in temperature gives me a little extra snap in my step.

      Summer used to be my favorite season. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a steamy, hot summer day, but once it is summer...well, it is summer. You are in it. It might be warm and beautiful, but with each passing day, you are already on your way to fall. As of today, I like spring. Spring is my new favorite season.

      I came to this conclusion when I started to think about the summer to come. I thought about spending long days outside. I thought about warm, sunny days. I thought about sitting in the bleachers watching my kids play their sports. I thought about not wearing socks. I thought about tank tops, skirts, sundresses and cute sandals. So, it sort of sounds like summer is my favorite season, but favorite season is spring.

      Spring is full of promise. Promise that the weather will get warmer. Promise that the grass will turn green. Promise that the flowers will bloom. Promise that the snow will eventually turn to rain. Promise that the 2014 Polar Vortex winter is behind us. Spring is a promise from Mother Nature that summer is on it's way.

      So, as I continue to enjoy the days leading up to summer, I thought it would be fun to throw a few outfits together based around some of our sandals for spring and summer. I love using a website called Polyvore to create the outfits. Polyvore is so fun because it is like virtual dress up...all kinds of clothes, purses, accessories.  So very much fun for a girl promising to enjoy every single day of this upcoming summer.  I hope you like them.  Enjoy spring...summer is just around the corner.

      Shoes in Photo - Amelia Avery by Clarks

      Amelia Avery Sandals by Clarks



      Shoes in Photo - Angelfish Stripe by Sperry

      Angelfish by Sperry



      Shoes in Photo - Aubrey by Munro

      Aubrey by Munro



      Shoes in Photo - Harvest MJ by Keen

      Harvest MJ by Keen


    • Spreading the New Balance Love

      I am not sure if you have heard the news, but we recently opened a new store in St Louis Park and it is completely dedicated to New Balance. This New Balance Twin Cities store location is in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center, a few doors down from our neighborhood Schuler Shoes store and it is SUPER cool. The store is open, but the official GRAND OPENING is March 20th and runs through the weekend with fun giveaways and visits from our New Balance reps.

      Continue reading

    • A Fresh Face on a Familiar Place

      Schuler Shoes has been around for a looooong time.  In fact, 2014 marks 125 years that Schuler Shoes has been in business.  Isn't that amazing?  If you have shopped at our stores, you have experienced our commitment to customer service.  If you have met John Schuler or members of the Schuler family, it is easy to see that the caring and kindness comes from them and shines brightly throughout our company.

      You may have noticed over the past few weeks that we have started to change our look.  A new logo and updates Continue reading

    • A Shout Out to the Fellas

      This is a shout out to all the fellas, since you know, our Men's Event is going on right now and all. First and foremost, let me just post a link to our Men's Event coupon. I am a firm believer in first things first, so here you go -  
      Anyway, let's get back to the Men's Event. This is a special time at Schuler Shoes where we focus on the fellas. We like to showcase a variety of some of our best shoes for all occasions, because everyone knows that behind every good man is a good woman really good pair of shoes.  Come on, I would say the same thing about women.  I am all for men and women supporting each other, but in the end, when you are at work all day or on the dance floor all night, it is your shoes that support you and keep your feet, legs and back feeling good.
      We have quite the selection of men's shoes, so I thought I would post a few of my favorites that I would personally buy for my husband.  Just in case he is reading this post (of course he is) and disagrees with my selections for him, I have exciting news Continue reading

    • Walks of Life

      Day in and day out, we encounter all kinds of people from all walks of life. Every once in a while, we meet a person that surprises and inspires us with their upbeat attitude, positive words and hard work.
      Does someone come to mind that makes a difference in your life or the lives of others? Wouldn’t it be great to reward those kind souls? Just something that lets them know that we notice their hard work and kindness and that we see that they are making a difference in this world.
      I know that I do. Every once in a while, I stop by the drive thru of a local restaurant and treat myself to a delicious fountain drink. I pull up, order my favorite drink and then pull ahead to the window to pay. Every time I drive through, I know who will greet me. He doesn’t remember me, because I don’t stop by every often, but I sure remember him and I look forward to what I know he will say. I pull up to the window, he greets me and tells me what I owe for my drink and when he is taking my money, I ask him how he is doing. Every single time I ask, no matter what, he says Continue reading

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