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Can I Wear the Same Shoes Every Day?


Comfy shoes are a reason to jump for joy, but should you wear your trusted pair day-in and day-out? (The Harvest by Kalso Earth Shoes).


A very popular question that we get asked is whether it is ok to wear the same shoe every day.

If you can, try to rotate your shoes every other day. This not only extends the life of the shoe, but it is really good for your feet. It would be a great idea to have at least 2 different styles of shoes that you can rotate every other day. This gives your shoes time to dry out (your feet do sweat, even if you don’t notice) and also slows down the breakdown of your shoes.

By wearing the same shoe every day, you are overusing the same foot and leg muscles, every day…all day long. When you rotate your shoes (throughout the day is even better), it offers relief to sore foot muscles. Remember that different styles of shoes use different foot muscles.

Dan Husom, Schuler Shoes Board Certified Pedorthist says “the repetitive stresses of wearing the same shoe day after day, hour after hour can become harmful to the feet. By rotating in a different style shoe (dress shoe, athletic shoe, sandal, etc) gives foot and leg muscles a chance to rest. Whatever shoe or shoes you do choose, make sure that they fit properly, not squeezing the toes and allowing for active toe motion”.

If having 2 pair of shoes to rotate is not an option, then make sure you are replacing your shoes at the first sign of breakdown or between 3-6 months from purchase. Keep in mind that the structure of the shoe has a lot to do with the life and the breakdown of the shoe. Softer, more cushioned shoes will break down faster. A harder, more structured shoe will take longer to breakdown. Listen to your feet and body as well. If your shoes are worn out and you aren’t properly supporting your body, chances are your feet, legs and back are going to hurt.

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