What is a CPed?

• Our Board Certified Pedorthists (CPeds) are trained in foot function and specialize in the use of footwear and over-the-counter orthotics to address foot and ankle conditions. 

• They will fill a doctor’s recommendation and/or evaluate for over-the-counter orthotics. 

• A Board Certified Pedorthist is not a medical doctor. 

What to expect when you meet with a CPed:

• Foot Evaluation: Q&A session, discuss activity level and any pain or foot issues. Make sure to share any pain you are experiencing or any information your doctor has passed along for the CPed. 

• The CPed will recommend shoes and/or over-the-counter orthotics, measure your feet and work with you to ensure the best possible fit or turn you over to a knowledgeable Footwear Consultant. 

Get to know our CPeds!

Our CPeds are here for you! We have a friendly team of Board Certified Pedorthists ready to fit your feet with comfort and style.
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Steve LaFond
Certified: 2001
20 Years of Service
19 Years of Experience

Brenda Singel
Certified: 2013
16 Years of Service
13 Years of Experience

Lance Vidger
Certified: 2010
13 Years of Service
11 Years of Experience

Morynn Marx
Certified: 2011
11 Years of Service
19 Years of Experience

AÏda Hayes
Certified: 2009
8 Years of Service
23 Years of Experience

Nicki Winzenread
Certified: 2018
2 Years of Service
5 Years of Experience