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Adult's Sparkle Flat Lace 45-Inch by Hickory



Sparkle Flat Lace 45-Inch

Sparkle Flat Lace 45-Inch by Hickory is a great product. New Balance Sparkle Laces are fashion fun for all ages. Their flat design makes them easy to hold and tie, while their cool colors and glam glitter braiding make them ideal for costumes and dressing up. Sizes on offer are ideal for kids and teens, but work with any shoe or shoe size they fit into. Available in 7 colors and 2 sizes.
Features Include:
  • Designed for fun, mostly casual and play wear
  • Excellent replacement laces, fits in most shoes
  • Multiple styles to choose from to match costumes and clothing
  • Sturdy and durable braid for everyday use

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