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U-Lace by U-Lace




U-Lace by U-Lace, Transform your sneakers into a limited edition of one. Rather than try to string together a bunch of different color regular length shoe strings, just U-Lace your sneakers. Most shoes come with 6-8 eyelets. So you can take six-seven individual U-Lace modular segments and one U-Lace Top Lace and you're done. U-Laces are engineered to span one set of eyelets each - giving you the power to create an almost infinite combination of colors and configurations. Because they lock in and pop back out easily, you can use them on multiple sneakers and change them out as often as you like: quickly, easily, repeatedly. With 24 colors available, you have over 110 billion color combinations at your fingertips. On top of that, when you consider all of the different and creative ways that you can configure U-Laces in your sneakers, the customization possibilities reach into the trillions. U-Lace transforms you into a bon-a-fide sneaker designer, where the options are limitless. Go on, grab a few boxes of U-Lace and, transform your sneakers into a limited edition of one. Features include:
  • Each box comes with 16 U-Lace segments (up to 8 per shoe) and 2 top laces - the top laces allow you to tighten your shoes so you can wear them for any sports activities. If you don't plan to wear them for sports, you can use the U-Lace segments all the way to the top.
  • The more boxes you purchase the more configurations you can develop for your shoes - see our alternate images to see the types of configurations you can make with one box, two boxes, or three boxes.
  • Each U-Lace segment is a distinct 2 3/8" length of patented lace made to span just 2 eyelets. With 250% stretch and engineered rebound they will expand and contract to fit most any sneaker with eyelets - youth or adult.

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