What is a CPed?

• Our Board Certified Pedorthists (CPeds) are trained in foot function and specialize in the use of footwear and over-the-counter orthotics to address foot and ankle conditions. 

• They will fill a doctor’s recommendation and/or evaluate for over-the-counter orthotics. 

• A Board Certified Pedorthist is not a medical doctor. 

What to expect when you meet with a CPed:

• Foot Evaluation: Q&A session, discuss activity level and any pain or foot issues. Make sure to share any pain you are experiencing or any information your doctor has passed along for the CPed. 

• The CPed will recommend shoes and/or over-the-counter orthotics to a knowledgeable Footwear Consultant who will measure your feet and work with you to ensure the best possible fit. 

Get to know our CPeds!

Our CPeds are here for you! We have a friendly team of Board Certified Pedorthists ready to fit your feet with comfort and style.
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Dale Winzenread
Certified: 1996
38 Years of Service
24 Years of Experience

Steve LaFond
Certified: 2001
19 Years of Service
18 Years of Experience

Brenda Singel
Certified: 2013
15 Years of Service
12 Years of Experience

Lance Vidger
Certified: 2010
12 Years of Service
10 Years of Experience

Morynn Marx
Certified: 2011
10 Years of Service
18 Years of Experience

AÏda Hayes
Certified: 2009
7 Years of Service
22 Years of Experience

Aaron Dooley
Certified: 2002
7 Years of Service
19 Years of Experience

Nicki Winzenread
Certified: 2018
1 Year of Service
4 Years of Experience