Let's face it; we all take our feet for granted. That is, until we feel pain from excessive exercise, shoes that don't fit properly or simply from the daily pressure of our body weight. It all comes down to supporting a strong foundation from your feet up. In the end, a healthy lifestyle depends on the state of your feet.

Schuler Shoes has been committed to supporting healthier lives through foot comfort for over 120 years. Our attentive, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring each person a proper fit. We also provide footwear in an extended range of sizes and widths to suit many feet for any activity. The purpose of our insoles is simply to improve the comfort of existing footwear.

Experience the difference a proper fit can make by having our expert shoe-fitters measure your feet for both length and width. Come in, sit down and experience the quality of service that has been Schuler Shoes for more than four generations.

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