Heart and Sole Rewards How it WorksHeart and Sole Rewards How it Works
How to earn points (and when they expire)How to earn points (and when they expire)

Earn points by shopping at Schuler Shoes!

Friends earn 1 point / $1 spent
Besties earn 1.25 points / $1 spent
Solemates earn 1.5 points / $1 spent

Points expire one year from the day they were accrued.

How to redeem pointsHow to redeem points

Redeem 250 points for $10 reward

Redeem 500 points for $25 reward

Redeem 1000 points for $50 reward

Redeem for one of each coupon in your membership year.

Watch for sweepstakes to spend your points, too!

Rewards cannot be combined with other offers or be applied to the purchase on which they were earned. 

How returns workHow returns work

Returning a purchase that earned points?
Those points are deducted from your account.

Returning a purchase you made with your rewards coupon?
1. The points you earned in the purchase will be deducted from your account.
2. The point value of the rewards coupon will be returned to your account.
3. The coupon itself is not returned to your account.

If EXCHANGING your purchase, the reward coupon will be applied.


For more information, please visit Rewards Program FAQ and Rewards Program Terms & Conditions.